Sunday, November 16, 2008

Worth Hiding, Eh?

The WSJ's "Washington Wire" reports on omissions.

Tom Donilon’s listing as a co-leader of President-elect Barack Obama’s transition team for the State Department caught our eye.

The brief biography mentions that he’s a partner at law firm O’Melveny & Myers, and had held high positions at the State Department during the Clinton administration. It doesn’t include his tenure at mortgage giant Fannie Mae, an early casualty of the financial crisis that has been taken over by the government. Donilon was Fannie’s general counsel and executive vice president for law and policy from 1999 until the spring of 2005, a period during which the company was rocked by accounting problems.

The guy eliminated SIX YEARS of his resume. My, my. And "General Counsel," no less.

Donilon’s co-leader for the State Department review, Wendy Sherman, also has ties to Fannie Mae that weren’t mentioned in her Obama-Biden Web site bio. A fellow veteran of the Clinton State Department, Sherman headed up Fannie Mae’s charitable foundation from 1996-1997. The short bio covers her time with the Albright group, an international advisory firm, and her stint as a special adviser to the secretary of state

Seems that Fannie associations are like contagious diseases to the Obamamamama-ites.

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Dan said...

I guess those applications ad paperwork Obama wants the applicants to fill out are just for show. Not surprise considering how much of a fraud Obama is. From fake fainting people to fake application forms. Nothing surprises me any more witht his guy. Honesty is out the window.