Wednesday, November 05, 2008

"Why Should We Elect McCain?"

That's the key line in a WSJ story from today. a strategy session of five McCain advisers -- campaign manager Rick Davis, pollster Bill McInturff, strategist Steve Schmidt, ad-maker Fred Davis and strategist Greg Strimple -- the back and forth revealed a fundamental problem. Fred Davis posed a question designed to give the campaign a central focus: "Why should we elect John McCain?" Tellingly, after several hours of debate, the five couldn't reach a consensus.

"Without an overriding rationale, our campaign necessarily turned tactical rather than strategic," one adviser recalls. "We focused more on why Obama should not be president, but much less on why McCain should be."

Clearly, Mark Ryan understood this as he spoke last night to the (R) gang in Waukesha, stating that 'we have to have win.'


Anonymous said...

The Culture/Character Wars have proved to be a losing strategy as far as national elections go. Good luck in the Brookfield bunker.

Dad29 said...

I will concede that if one is running ONLY on "culture," it's a loser.

Check AZ, CA, and FLA for "culture results," by the way.

And you might want to demonstrate some intelligence by providing factual backup to your assertions.