Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Who SAYS "the Press" Is .....Dodgy?

All that talk about the Press being....in the tank....

Well, let's put that to rest. Here's a guy so damn patriotic that he wants to vote in TWO States!

The...[man] is registered to vote in Kansas City, MO as Gregory M Zieman, along with with his wife, Rhonda Chriss Lokeman, also of the Star, in Kansas City Ward 8, Precinct 8.

[He] is also registered to vote across the state line in Overland Park, KS as G. Mark Zieman (first name is “G. Mark” in the database) in precinct OP-5-4, at the same address as his daughter identified in an Aug 1997 Star article.

Mr. Zieman is the PUBLISHER of the Kansas City Star.

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Billiam said...

Again, since vote fraud usually benefits Dems, where's the problem?