Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Summing It Up

Vox says it well.

...conservatism, government restraint, national sovereignty, liberty and self-support weren't just lacking in this election, but more importantly, were completely absent from the Republican governance of the last eight years. All of these things were rejected at the advice of the more influential part of the conservative commentariat in the name of the Iraqi occupation and political pragmatism.

How practical is a "pragmatism" that manages to turn a Republican White House, House, and Senate into a Democratic White House, House, and Senate?

Leadership requires principle; pragmatism and pandering are simply followership. The "reformed conservatism" of a David Frum or a Russ Douthat that many Republicans will be tempted to embrace will be a fatal strategic mistake...

Vox goes on to endorse his particular brand of Libertarianism, which (frankly) is not 'conventional' Libertarianism; it's sort of a modified Ron Paulism.

But his main points are correct. As mentioned below, by McCain's own people, there was no reason to elect McCain other than to not-elect Obama.

And Vox iterated the reasons very well.

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