Monday, November 17, 2008

Stupid Crooks, Milwaukee Style

Channel 4 ran a videotape of an armed robbery tonight.

The one with the gun is 15 years old (he's already been taken into custody by the MPD.)

He uses the "Hollywood Horizontal" weapon-holding technique, which is guaranteed to miss a moose at 3 yards.

But even stupider: the thumb of his hand was wrapped around the rear of the slide of his semi-auto. If he'd pulled the trigger, the dumbass would have lost his thumb in a can of birdseed somewhere in that store.

It would have been fun to watch--except some poor clerk in that store might have been hurt, I suppose.


gus said...

Dad, it was brought to my attention that I may have come close to offending you recently.
A mutual friend sent me an e-mail
If you have a moment, could you provide me your e-mail, so I can explain a bit more?


Prosqtor said...

I did that as a kid. Wrapped my hands around a Beretta 92 9mm with my thumb "back there" at the point where the backstrap and slide meet.

Wow, does that peel skin off. But, a valuable lesson learned. Now, when I try to knock off a gas station, I won't leave a large swatch of DNA on the shelf behind me. :)

Dad29 said...

Gus--I don't know of anything like that.