Friday, November 07, 2008

Straws in the Wind

Big Labor had a lot at stake in this election...and there are a number of interesting straws in the wind.

1) The Obama health plan favors union members (who will not have to take the Gummint plan);

2) The UAW is maneuvering to bail out the Big Three--which translates to bailing out the UAW. They co-opted the management of the Big Three, years ago, on 'national health.' Now they've co-opted the management on "bailout."

3) A UAW official has floated a trial balloon, blaming the Banks for the problems with the auto companies. The fact that the Feds now have significant ownership interests in a helluvalotta Banks is significant here.

4) "Card-Check."

5) The Trades are in deep doo-doo when/if housing construction drops--thus, "bailouts" of Fannie/Freddie, and propping up the value of housing is critical to maintaining SOME semblance of housing activity. Back to Fannie/Freddie/Bank Mortgage bailouts (above.)

6) AFSCME will be throwing a lot of weight into State bailouts. Guess why...

7) Congress wants to eliminate 401(k) plans--meaning that retirement plans will be either: A) union-negotiated pension plans or B) Social Security. Advantage: unions.

Maybe they're just straws in the wind.

Maybe not.


Anonymous said...

Card Check: Because private decisions should be public.

TerryN said...

Card Check: Because unions are looking out for their leaders, not their members.