Thursday, November 06, 2008

Rep. Sensenbrenner, Call Off the Callers!

At the (R) gathereing on election night, Jim Sensenbrenner observed that the Wisconsin GOP's volunteers 'placed more GOTV phone calls than any other State GOP operation in the country.'

OK. I'll believe that, since I got about 20 calls from (R) robots and volunteers in the last 5 days of the campaign.

But if you think, Congressman, that those calls are a 'good thing,' you're wrong.

And when one of the McCainiac (area code 202) callers calls my daughter a 'liar' just because she lied and told the dipshit that I wasn't home to take his call...he might have been correct, but he's not exactly making friends and influencing people.

You have a problem, Congressman, if you actually think that pestering and plaguing voters with phone calls is a 'good thing.'

Not that the Union calls were any more enjoyable. They're just as moronic.

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