Sunday, November 02, 2008

Notice the "Anonymous" Palin -Haters?

There's been at least one very interesting effect of the Palin nomination--my blog, along with others which defend and promote Sarah, has gotten a lot of "anonymous" comments on her candidacy.

There's a pattern to them, too, but here's a prototypical post:

Glad that McCain picked Palin. She energized the "nut" wing of the party (which had no effective place to go anyway) and helped the middle-of-the-roaders move to Obama. The thought that she could be the lead Republican candidate in 2012 is tantalizing

...found on this (rather old) blog entry.

Anonymity allows for all sorts of mischief. I should know. But I think it's the case that this post (and others like it) came from a Romney Republican, not a Democrat.

The tip-off was this: the message is aimed at (R) activists, and the threat is that nomination of a Palin/Palin-clone will assure (D) victory in 2012.

Frankly, the Democrats are convinced that the O-and-Savior wins 2008, and is a lock for 2012 as well. THEY don't care if the (R) Party nominates Godzilla or Jesus Christ in 2012--it's all the same to them.

So the only people with an interest in 2012 are the St.-Tropez (R) types.

There's a secondary tip-off: the posting was made to a not-so-fresh blog entry, meaning that it most likely came from a Google search (and very, very far down the list, too.) So it's an organized campaign, but it's not worried about currency; just about planting doubts. It's the IBM selling technique: F. U. D. (Fear, uncertainty, doubt.)

Third tip-off: my sitemeter tells me that I've been visited by a Massachusetts Comcast user....

But hey! Blog-traffic is good, right? No matter what morons you have to put up with.

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