Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Not Likely

From another blogger, his prayer:

Lastly, it is my fervent prayer that the media and popular culture will treat President Obama with the same respect and fair-mindedness they have show President Bush over the last eight years.

No doubt.


Ken & Carol said...

I read Ortho's post. I'm puzzled: it seemed fairly straightforward until the last paragraph in which the irony sizzles over the side of the pan.

I would think we should, cap in hand of course, ask as delicately as we can, if we can now contructively criticize the policies of the new president without being labelled "racist." I can see the point of our Dem friends during the election campaign because there really were no policies presented, so that criticism therefore must have been personal and therefore "racist." But surely there will be policies to come and thus a chance to get back into critical conversational mode once again. I am only mildly ironic here and very serious.

Dad29 said...

Yah, well, good luck with that.

By the way, I don't believe that questioning associations is "racist."

Anonymous said...

Again, you folks are delusional. Small-minded Democrats gave Bush the same treatment that you folks gave to Clinton for the 8 years prior to Bush becoming President. Mr. Pot -- meet your blood brother Mr. Kettle!