Thursday, November 06, 2008

McCain's Boyzzz: Stupid, or Incompetent?

I'll vote for "saddled with the wrong Presidential candidate," but here's an interesting nugget.

Stacy McCain, who predicted the other McCain's loss in September (!!) relates the following:

Let me make a small point about the McCain campaign's hamhanded mishandling of Palin's press relations. Michelle Malkin has been a huge advocate and defender of Sarah Palin...Did anybody at Team Maverick think, "Hey, why don't we hook up Malkin with an exclusive one-on-one with Palin? That would be buzzworthy -- an innovative use of New Media!" No, apparently that blindingly obvious idea never crossed their feeble little minds.

Malkin emailed McCain to clarify the situation a bit.

I was in Denver for the DNC, but not at the RNC. Ed Morrissey was there for Hot Air, though.

Allah and I both requested an interview with Palin for Hot Air. They were somehow never able to make it happen...

Somebody was actually PAYING these idiots to hide Palin from Hot Air/Malkin/Allahpundit, and put her in front of Gibson (The Supercilious) and Couric (the pro-abort marcher.)

Maybe John McCain can get a refund.

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Anonymous said...

The Clintons were smart enough to get softball interviews from Larry King, Katie Couric, and Barbara Walters. The McCain staff was not smart enough to get Sarah Palin good interviews.