Thursday, November 13, 2008

If Polls Mean Anything...

Vox brings us the following information from Right Wing News, showing us the "Top 10" LEAST favorite (R) people:

10) Arnold Schwarzenegger (12)
7) Mike Huckabee, Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul (13)
6) Chuck Hagel (14)
5) Arlen Specter (15)
4) Colin Powell (17)
3) Peggy Noonan (18)
2) Ted Stevens (19)
1) John McCain (25)

You read that correctly if you concluded that John McCain is the single-most-disliked (R) midst the Conservatives.

Even more telling: McCain has been in the top-three-most-disliked (R) critters since 2005...


grumps said...

That sounds like an identity crisis.

Amy said...

It is indeed an identity crisis, grumps.

Conservatives need to excise from their midsts the pseudo-conservative, "moderate", and elitist Repubs who destroyed the party by trying to be more liberal.

There's a reason Ryan, Walker and other *actual* conservatives succeed - those two in heavily D areas - it's because they stand for something and, when presented with the arguments, a good portion of Americans agree with them.

Why vote for a moderate Repub/Dem lite when you can vote for the real thing?

It's high time we mounted some RINO heads on our walls.

Lee Strong said...

Huckabee at ninth??

Boy, they must not have heard about his Fox show topping the ratings, or his new deal with ABC Radio that will open up a potential market of more tha 100 million listeners - and millions of voters - come January.

Huckabee in 2012!