Monday, November 03, 2008

How Vote Fraud WILL Work in Milwaukee--in 2010

Not only in Milwaukee, but in Madistan, Racine, Beloit...

John Fund provides the groundwork.

...ACORN's second line of defense has been that fraudulent registrations can't turn into fraudulent votes, as if the felony of polluting voter lists was somehow not all that serious. But that defense goes only a short distance. "How would you know if people using fake names had cast votes in states without strict ID laws?" says GOP Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita, who this year won a major Supreme Court case upholding his state's photo identification law. "It's almost impossible to detect and once the fraudulent voter leaves the precinct or casts an absentee ballot, that vote is thrown in with other secret ballots there's no way to trace it."

Yes, indeed.

Here's the trick:

Anita MonCrief, an ACORN whistle-blower who worked for both it and its Project Vote registration affiliate from 2005 until early this year, agrees. "It's ludicrous to say that fake registrations can't become fraudulent votes," she told me. "I assure you that if you can get them on the rolls you can get them to vote, especially using absentee ballots." MonCrief, a 29-year old University of Alabama graduate who wanted to become part of the civil rights movement, worked as a strategic consultant for ACORN as well as a development associate with Project Vote and sat in on meetings with the national staffs of both groups. She has given me documents that back up many of her statements, including one that indicates that the goal of ACORN's New Mexico affiliate was that only 40 percent of its submitted registrations had to be valid

You do recall that the local ACORN office "identified" a bunch of false registrations for the convenience of the city's election commision? Those were the 'throwaways.'

The objective was to get 60% of the registrations into the system, not 100%. So ACORN offered up a few sacrificial lambs--both registrations AND workers--for the DA and the city's election commission.

And (surprise!!!) Milwaukee is Fund's Example Numero Uno of fraudsters. He quotes the Milwaukee PD's report on the matter:

The Milwaukee police report explained just how easy it is to cast an illegal vote without ever being detected., "Michael A. Smith can become Mike Smith, M.A. Smith, or Mickey Smith, depending on the person reviewing the Same Day registration card, and unless a specific allegation is made against one of those name variants, the new name would just be added to the overall database. Even if the new system were capable of discerning the differences in recorded names, the finding would not be discovered until after any multiple ballots had been cast and recorded." Indeed, the task force found that 1,100 registration cards filled in by voters were declared invalid or untraceable by election officials.

With all that said, however, it's not likely that ACORN will use its database of fraudulent voters in Milwaukee (or Beloit, Racine, and Madison) this year. They're not stupid--they'll save it for the Senatorial, or the Gubernatorial, in 2010. Obama is "safe" in Wisconsin.

The work was done this year to assure a (D) governor in 2010--who will veto Photo ID requirements, again.


Ken & Carol said...

Didn't you Wisconsin guys get really incensed a few years ago when you discovered that there were a lot of Chicago folks coming up to Milwaukee to sample the generous welfare benefits up there? How did you fix that? Isn't this a similar problem?

Dad29 said...

The solution required a combination of things. First, there was an un-announced campaign in the Welfare Department to make it more difficult to obtain benefits for 'suspicious' folks.

Then there was Workfare--no more freebies. Tommy Thompson, otherwise a turkey, got this through, to his credit.

This is not similar, because there are no bus-loads of people who pull up in front of polling places.

Photo ID is the solution, along with rigorous vetting of registrations.