Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hello!! Milwaukee JS!!

The story is bad enough...

But filed by a GREEN BAY!!!??? station...

A Milwaukee woman who voted twice in the presidential election says she will not be prosecuted.

Edna Byrd voted by absentee ballot before the November 4 election and says she was curious whether she'd be allowed to vote again on Election Day.

She says she figured workers would turn her away or the machine wouldn't accept her ballot. She says she was shocked when she was allowed to vote a second time for President-elect Obama.

An e-mail obtained by The Associated Press under the open records law shows Byrd turned herself into the Government Accountability Board afterward.

The GAB, in its infinite wisdom, indicated that Ms. Byrd would not be prosecuted. Damn nice of them, no?

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Anonymous said...

I'm gonna see how many times I can actually vote on 11/02/2010. I'm going to fill out reg forms in as many jurisdictions as I can. I'm going to vote absentee in as many places as I can. On election day, i'm going to spend the whole day driving from polling station to polling station. Same day registration is gonna make that part easy. As long as Democrats stand in the way of passing and/or enforcing reasonable election laws, I'm gonna do what the Democrats do - engage in massive vote fraud. If they want to stop me, let them try.