Monday, November 17, 2008

Globaloney Warming Crap

Not only did the NASA's Goddard center report erroneous numbers for October's "global-warming" propaganda...

...there's also some question about the Russki numbers that go beyond 'which month is this?' Watts Up With That, mentioned above, weather anomalies from Russia are getting a long look. Let's just say that questions have been raised - this is taken from Watts Up:
In most Russian cities, district-level combined heat and power plants (Russian: ТЭЦ, Тепло-электро централь) produce more than 50 % of the nation’s electricity and simultaneously provide hot water for neighbouring city blocks.

And that heat is passed around the city by above-ground steam pipes, not all of which are insulated. Hence, it is *possible* that warm weather anomalies in Russian reporting are simply picking up man-made heat. From Watts Up:

Maybe it’s the steam pipes. We need to send somebody to Russia to find out. Of the many station lat/lons I looked at, Verhojansk was the only one I found with enough Google Earth resolution to see the steam pipes. Maybe the heart of our Russian temperature anomaly lies in central heating.

(HT: Just One Minute)

If the GloboWarming Industry were to collapse based on actual scientific facts, it would be a Good News Collapse.

But you can bet Dollar Jim/Diamond Jim Doyle will not go down without a helluva fight.

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