Tuesday, November 11, 2008

GAB: "Doh! Van Hollen's Right!"

Van Hollen should bill back the AG's lawsuit-expenses to the GAB for this.

The state elections agency may ask local clerks to double-check all voter registrations since January 2006, under a recommendation the agency's board will consider today.

If approved, the action by the Government Accountability Board could neutralize a lawsuit against the agency by Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen, who unsuccessfully argued the checks should have been done before the election.

Yah, but JB, hey, we have an election to mis-manage...


Dan said...

And they couldn't have done this before the election?

Headless Blogger said...

Why stop at 1/1/06?

The new voter anomalies were identified by a computerized cross-check of voters to the DMV and DOR databases. What rational basis is there not to cross-check every registered voter in WI to determine if they are licensed to drive or file income taxes here?