Thursday, November 06, 2008

Exit Polls and the Bishops

If you take CNN's poll as correct...hello, Apb Dolan, you have a problem. Only 53% of Wisconsin Catholics voted McCain.

Better than 47%, I guess.

The Archdiocese of Milwaukee and the Diocese of Green Bay have, together, about 600,000 Catholics. Let's assume that half of them are registered/eligible voters. That makes 300,000.

Let's further assume that 70% of those 300,000 voted, or about 210,000.

If CNN is correct, 98,700 Catholic voters voted for the most pro-abortion Presidential candidate in history--from Milwaukee and Green Bay dioceses alone.

According to this site, those 98,700 would not have 'swung' Wisconsin.

But couldn't Abp. Timothy Dolan have ....

Oh, well.

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