Friday, November 14, 2008

A Cloud of FooFoo Dust Rises...

Yah, the Ohio twit who examined Joe the Plumber's rectum has been suspended.

But it's not over yet.

Suspended agency director Helen Jones-Kelley isn't the only Ohio government employee under investigation for allegedly dabbling in politics on state time.

Three employees of the Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission are being investigated for possible violations of the federal law that prohibits engaging in political activity on government time or using official resources.

The employees work in the commission's Bureau of Disability Determination, which rules on applications from Ohioans seeking Social Security disability benefits, said Steve Ostrander, a spokesman for the commission.

And yes, they are all represented by a Union. What's the Union's take on the matter?

"This highlights that there's something wrong with the system when the free-speech rights of our members are being violated," Douglas said. "We believe the First Amendment applies to everyone, including our members."

That "Hatch Act" stuff--screw THAT! Electioneering is a right! No matter who is paying us; no matter who paid for the computers, phones, desks, heat and light--and no matter the appearance of conflict when we adjudicate matters.

It's a good thing that nothing of that sort ever happens in Wisconsin.

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