Tuesday, November 18, 2008

China Is Our Friend, Part 98,547

If GWB's anti-terrorism work is his best legacy (and it will be), then his conscious and willful blindness to Red China's butcher-Government will be his worst.

Falun Gong [is] the strange Chinese spiritual movement that so enrages the Communists. The Falun Gong practitioners are in prisons. They get taken for medical exams, but strange ones – their eyes are checked, but only the corneas, not the vision function. Unusual amounts of blood are drawn – the way you would for tissue matching. Doctors check their kidneys and little else.

The fact is that China is known to harvest organs from executed prisoners, writes Gutmann. The spectacular allegation is that it sells organs it harvests from political prisoners – Falun Gong practitioners or untamed Christians – who are killed because their organs are needed. The harvest is the cause, not the byproduct, of executions

There is no way to "pretty this pig up some" for normal human beings.

One wonders if the O-and-Savior will address this (and the slave-labor) issue...

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