Friday, November 14, 2008

AIG: The Gift That Never Stops Taking


American International Group plans to pay out $503 million in deferred compensation to some of its top employees, saying it must tap the funds to keep valuable workers from exiting the troubled insurance giant.

News of the payments to top AIG talent comes as the federal government has just put more money into saving the company from bankruptcy, beefing up the total public commitment to $152 billion.

Which "valuable employees"?? The ones who put the Company into the crapper?

Look, folks. If those "valuable employees" can find a better-paying job someplace else, let them go. If they know what "values" are in AIG, their next employer can purchase those "values" and pay down the debt to the US taxpayer, right?

And if those "valuable employees" can NOT find a better-paying job someplace else, well, then...we can infer a real 'value', no?


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Anonymous said...

The corporate oligarchy doesn't even bother to pretend that they care about America. Instead, the greedy corporate fat cats just keep lining up the regular hard-working average Americans for a hard buttfu**ing without any lube.

The revolution is coming.