Wednesday, August 13, 2008

T Boone-Doggle: Pelosi and Pickens

We all knew that ol' T Boone was looking out for his own fortune, attempting to persuade Congress to spend $Umpty-Zillion to build the infrastructure which would transmit his Hot Air Energy from West Texas to everyplace else.

Guess who else is invested, this time for a similar California-specific Boone-doggle?

While Pickens touts a plan in the name of environmentalism that will also line his company's pockets, a #dontgo investigation has revealed that another environmental champion and backer of Proposition 10 has also invested in CLNE: House Speaker and California Representative Nancy Pelosi.

According to the investigation, "Nancy Pelosi Purchased between $50,000-$100,000 in CLNE stock on May 25, 2007, apparently on its initial public offering."

Now the California representative stands to make a large profit on her reported 22,000 shares of CLNE if she and other public figures can persuade the people of California to vote for Proposition 10 in the name of renewable energy and clean, alternative fuels

It's no coincidence that Members of Congress' net-worth increases are much faster than those of ordinary citizens.

First you buy the stock, then you force everyone to use the product!

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