Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"Bomber" McCain

The most troubling aspect of John McCain is not his dancing with Lefties, although that's apparently an incurable canker.

It's his temper. Everyone knows that John McCain is prone to temper tantrums, not all of them rational.

So his bellicose rants about the Georgia situation become a bit more....ahhhh....laden with meaning....as he runs for the Office With The Button.

In the meantime, he's campaigning in Georgia, or Pennsylvania, or someplace:

"History is often made in remote, obscure places," John McCain told Pennsylvanians here today, saying he had spoken by phone to Georgia's President Mikhail Saakashvili this morning.

"I told him that I know I speak for every American when I said to him, today, we are all Georgians," said McCain, mentioning his 2006 visit to Georgia and pointing out that Georgia's troops had served alongside U.S. forces in Iraq.

The only sense in which McCain "speaks for" me is in the sense that the average Georgian is subject to governance by egomaniacal wack-jobs (like we are in Wisconsin, for example) and it is we who have to pay for that problem.

But I didn't vote for the tinpot corrupt-o-crat running Georgia, and I don't think that Georgia should be a member of NATO. And I sure as Hell don't think that we should run over there to keep that floozy in his comfy office, John.

No matter what YOU think John, some of us (actual Conservatives) think that the National Interests of the USA trump your desire to be a pal to Georgia.

So speak for yourself.

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Billiam said...

Well said, Dad. I go one step further. I think it's absurd that we still belong to NATO. It's time is over. Let Europe have the cost of their defense. Time for us to leave.