Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Limbaugh: How to Handle Georgia Calls

Natch, Rush talked about Georgia--and he started off in the NeoCon key, singing the "Russia Bad/Georgia Good" theme song.

Then he got a bunch of calls on the matter--and a goodly percentage were from people who actually knew the territory.

Unlike another (local) PM RadioMouth, Limbaugh put up a small fight, but then listened. And he did so respectfully, albeit with some humor.

He didn't cut off the callers. He didn't shout over them. He didn't question their loyalties--with one exception, a very contentious type.

That separates the $50 million/year types from the rest--by a very wide margin.

He got his licks in at Putin, who is every inch the KGB operative: treacherous, scheming, murderous, and a good liar, too.

But it was clear that he wasn't speed-drinking the BillyBoy Kristol Kool-Ade.


Billiam said...

"Unlike another (local) PM RadioMouth"

Hmm. That would have to be Mr. I love myself Belling. I can't stand that guy!

Paul Socha said...

Bully, you are right on. It's good to hear some sane people from time to time. Keep up the great work.
Berry Laker