Wednesday, August 06, 2008

ACORN: Equal Opportunity Employer

Oh, yah.

ACORN, a group of rabble-rousers which gets a lot of money from taxpayers (because the O-and-Savior earmarks it...) has a very liberal employment policy.

Did you register to vote recently near Albuquerque? If so, you might have given your Social Security number, indeed all the information necessary to commit identity theft, to a child rapist.

You see, New Mexico ACORN hired this guy, along with a bunch of other criminals to register voters.

Another one was convicted of TWO counts of credit-card fraud.

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Dan said...

From jsonline today: Workers registering Milwaukee voters for a liberal group turned in hundreds of fabricated forms and many more that were incomplete, raising fears among Republican Party leaders of fraud at the polls.

The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now fired about a dozen canvassers and alerted Milwaukee's election commission to most of the problematic forms. The election commission's director, Sue Edman, said the workers lost their ability to register voters, and the commission is making sure no incomplete or fabricated forms are entered into the voter database.

Nothing like another round of voter fraud by liberals.