Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Network Coverage: The (R) Convention

Seems that PowerLine has been slipped a copy of the memo from a major MSM news-exec to the staff on coverage of the Pubbie convo.

Here's a portion:

It is not our place, of course, to attribute the rabid hatred these delegates feel towards Obama to race. But viewers may be able to connect the dots if we intersperse our coverage with film clips of Bull Connor, old-time Alabama state troopers (preferably "large"), and the hosing and beating of black protesters in the early 1960s.

...On Wednesday, the focus will finally be on McCain. May I suggest that emerging theme here should be the lack of enthusiasm on the part of the overwhelmingly right-wing delegates for this once-moderate, formerly independent-thinking candidate? Look for evangelical delegates (especially "large" ones) and for delegates wearing buttons or hats with other candidates' names like Huckabee, Romney and above all, Ron Paul.

There's more where that came from--all just as good.


grumps said...

Didja figure out that it was satire or didja have to wait for this?

UPDATE: For those of you who didn't read all the way to the Major League Soccer reference, this is something I made up as a joke. It does have the ring of truth, though, doesn't it?

Dad29 said...

Grumpy, it took you about 2000 words longer to recognize the nature of the piece than it did for me.

Keep working on reading-skills!