Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Brett: Simply the Best

Packer football has almost always included one or more real stars: Lambeau, Hutson, Lombardi, Wood, Nitschke, Starr, Hornung, White, and many others.

Add Brett Favre to the list--probably in the Top Three. Not only is he a superb athlete, but arguably simply unmatched in competitive instinct and will--reminding one of Lombardi's quote found on this blog's masthead: "The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather in a lack of will."

That 'will,' famously dangerous in Nietzsche, showed its redeeming side as Brett willed himself out of addiction--but also, loosed, resulted in some infamous INTs. No matter--the INTs were generally forgiven by fans (if not stat-keepers) because Brett is who he is--The Competitor.

Truly, a man apart and above most others.

But his time is past.

Yes, he's still Favre--still The Competitor, still the athlete (albeit racked up a bit, and probably tired.) But the strategy and tactics of the Packers have changed with the change in head coach, and Brett's style, (and the results of his will), are not part of the new Pack scheme.

It doesn't take much to see those changes in strategy and tactics--simply look at the resurgent running game, the rebuilt OL, and the still-improving (but shaky) defense schemes.

It is true that Rogers will not "replace" Farve. Who could?

But that's not McCarthy's objective. His objective is to build a comprehensively-fearsome offense, not a throw-it-always team. McCarthy will run the offense, not the QB. His scheme does not call for Zeus as QB.

So, with love, admiration, and respect, we say goodbye (in its real meaning--God Be With Ye) to Brett, the Best.

The King is dead. Long live the Pack!!


jp said...


Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

Very well put.

Dan said...

Gee, that's not what you thought a few days ago.
I do expect, at the very least, the Packers go into the 2nd round of the playoffs now. I do expect Rogers to make through the season without getting hurt. I do expect the Packers to win the division. Failure to do this and the Packers made a huge mistake.

Dad29 said...

Dan--you drew inferences from prior posts which were inaccurate.

I've always thought highly of Favre--but always maintained that the Packers' management was right.

Janeabelle said...

I'm also standing by the Packers Organization on this one. Favre retired. He made a decision. It's unfortunate that he couldn't live with that decision, but based on what he said the Organization had to move on. As a mother, I'm trying to teach my children accountability and responsibility. Favre needs to be held accountable for his action of retiring. I think he's acting like a spoiled brat. "You guys hurt my feelings" ... Suck it up, Brett. Stay retired or go find another team. That might not be what some people want to see, but I personally enjoy seeing adults act like adults & doing what they say they're going to do. Go Pack!