Sunday, April 06, 2008

Spin, Summarized

Jess McBride lays it out, one line at a time.


WEAC tries to play a role in supreme court race: No big deal
WMC tries to play a role in supreme court race: Nefarious purpose

Plenty more where that came from.

Did you know that DarthDoyle ran a 'racist' ad featuring a black criminal??


John Foust said...

Is "DarthDoyle" considered name-calling?

Does Jess accept comments on her site, or does she only "lay it out"?

If all those claims were true, wouldn't they cancel each other out?

Who praised the WEAC ad, for example? Who denounced it? Who praised the third-party Gableman ads, and who denounced them? I saw people on both sides denouncing these slimy ads from their own side. Who liked them?

Dad29 said...

I utilize "DarthDoyle" due to his no-holds-barred/all abortions should be legal stance.

Yes, it's name-calling. But it's accurate.