Thursday, April 03, 2008

The SCOWI "Race" Meme: Just a Prelude

We noticed that Mordecai Lee analyzed the Butler defeat as a 'race-driven' vote. And Lee was possessed of this clairvoyance by 9:30 PM on the day of the election, without the benefit of having spoken with any representative sample of voters, nor having read any exit-polling data.

He was only the first, and won't be the last.

But Mordecai, who at one time was a respectable pundit, is merely following the Democrat Party meme in anticipation of the nomination of Barak Obama.

Trust me, folks. The Presidential election will be spun as a 'forum on race' by the Intellectualoids. Oh, yah, they'll allow that there may be other issues--war and peace, economics, global warming--you know, little stuff like that. But the Racism Theme will always be present. Obama put his stamp of approval on it when he threw his grandmother under the bus.

Of course, their utterly irrational assertions (following in Lee's new analytical style) will result in re-ignition of racial animosity.

So what?

It sells newspapers.

Speaking of newspapers, P-Mac has a related post here.


3rd Way said...

You are right that race is going to play a big part in the pres. race, but you can't blame that on the left. Race was injected into this race when Obama's church was raised as an issue.

Dad29 said...

And who raised that issue?

The Press--fed, of course, by the Clinton machine.

3rd Way said...

I don't know who lit the spark, but the Hannity's, and Limbaugh's of the world are more responsible for feeding that inferno than anyone.

Dad29 said...

Yes, Limbaugh has played that, as have other responsible individuals. So what?

The Left will loudly declare that anyone who votes for McCain is 'voting against a black.' Just as is the case with Mordecai Lee, no evidence need be provided, nor will such evidence (other than anecdotal) be provided.

And you can bet your next paycheck they will be crawling all over the country to find 2 or 3 racists for soundbites.

3rd Way said...

I am just saying that Obama treated his skin tone as a non-issue until he was forced (by the right) to address it.

The new meme, being spread by yourself, is that the left (including Obama) is going to exploit race to his advantage. I don't doubt that they will, but they were not the one's that chose to play this game.

If your opponent tries to exploit something they see as a weakness the best thing you can do is spin it and make it an asset.

Dad29 said...

No--it was the Clinton machine which began the 'race' theme, long before Wright's spewings became known.

Happy to know that you agree--Obama & Co. will make us all racists again.

3rd Way said...

Well you know... Everyones a little bit racist