Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Mordecai Lee: Racism Defeated Butler

I was stunned.

During the 9:00 news coverage on Channel 6, Mordecai Lee was analyzing the election with Teddy Perry. The "tell" precincts must have predicted a Gableman victory because by that time, Lee was in post-mortem mode.

And he pulled out the RACE card!

Lee's 'thought' on the matter: since there has never been an elected black SCOWI Justice, it means that the electorate is racist. And since Butler was losing, the reason was.....race.

Proves that someone can live in the 20th Century and be appearing on TV in the 21st, I guess.


Amy said...

I thought Butler was "white", too - perhaps ethnic (i.e., Italian) but Caucasian nonetheless.

It had nothing to do with race. I voted against him because he's a liberal activist judge who doesn't understand the duties of the Judicial branch of government, legislates from the bench, ignores precedent, and can't read the WI Constitution.

All are much more valid reasons than his race. Puh-leeez.

M.Z. said...

I didn't vote in the race on principle.* I'm going to agree with Amy. Butler appeared more Sicilian to me than necessarily black.

* I don't believe in popularly elected judges.