Saturday, January 05, 2008

Thompson Was Sandbagged, Emerges Well

Quin Hillyer is a conservative, but not a Fred Thompson lackey. His observations?

I am firmly convinced that Fred Thompson still has a real shot at the nomination...I watched him with Wolf Blitzer just an hour or so ago and he came across very very well indeed. He really is hitting on ALMOST all cylinders now, more so every day since beginning to really engage about December 1. is also worth noting that the utterly scurrilous Politico story yesterday almost certainly depressed Thompson's vote in Iowa. As I said on Fox News yesterday, for a news outlet to publish a story with UNNAMED sources that is clearly damaging to a particular campaign, on the very day of (or eve of) an election, is just unethical journalism. This is the same organization that many many months ago reported that John Edwards was dropping out of the race. Yeah, right.

Hillyer also opines that the Thompson campaign has little imagination (true.)

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