Thursday, January 10, 2008

St Louis May Be Warm in January

Abp. Burke of St. Louis does not waste time, nor does he think the "soft touch" is useful in cases of "grave scandal" and "rejection of a truth."

St. Louis Catholic has learned that Sr. Louise Lears, a member of the "Pastoral Team" at St. Cronan Parish has been issued a summons and canonical admonition by His Grace, Archbishop Raymond L. Burke. Sr. Lears has been summoned to appear to answer the charges of rejection of a truth of faith under canon 750, and of causing grave scandal, thus implicating the penalties for a scandalous external violation of canon law under canon 1399.

An excerpt from a chatgroup site provides some information--but not much.

On the Saturday between Christmas and New Year's, Louise was served (at home) with a "summons to appear and canonical admonition" at the Catholic Center of the Archdiocese. The letter was signed by Archbishop Burke. The hearing is set for January 15 at 10 am. She is to appear to "take cognizance of the accusation and proofs concerning your apparent commission of the delicts of 1) the rejection of a truth /de Fide/tenenda/ (canon 750) and 2) grave scandal (canon 1399)."

She does not know what the the issue is that has prompted this, but she imagines it is her support of women's ordination

Well, 'support of women's [faux] ordination' would be a start, I suppose.

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GOR said...

She imagines??? Well she may imagine, but Abp. Burke knows!

Now if we had Abp. Burke here in Milwaukee, how much 'imagining' would Dan Maguire be doing do you think...?

Dad29 said...

We have worse in Milwaukee than Dan-o the Heretic.