Thursday, January 03, 2008

Rent/Price Model: Home Prices to Decline

In a study conducted by Morris A. Davis (Department of Real Estate and Urban Land Economics, University of Wisconsin-Madison), Andreas Lehnert, and Robert F. Martin (both Federal Reserve Board of Governors economists), we learn that the rent/price line has dropped way below its norm.

We show that the rent-price ratio ranged between 5 and 5-1/2 percent between 1960 and 1995, but rapidly declined after 1995. By year-end 2006, the rent-price ratio reached an historic low of 3-1/2 percent. For the rent-price ratio to return to its historical average over, say, the next five years, house prices likely would have to fall considerably.

They think it will be 15% or so, although there are a few variables which may affect that.

HT: Calculated Risk

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