Friday, January 04, 2008

More Bureaucrats, Dumber Decisions: Wisconsin!

There's a Hall of Fame for stupid bureaucrats--and Wisconsin's Labor and Industry Review Commission will be front-and-center in the showcase.

The Wisconsin Soccer Association has filed a lawsuit fighting a state decision that would require youth soccer clubs to have unemployment compensation insurance for referees, coaches and trainers, some of whom work only a few games a year.

...the ruling also could require clubs to deduct the whole range of taxes from an official's pay - state, local and Social Security taxes

...the ruling would affect 140 soccer clubs with more than the 56,000 players in the state; it also would affect other sports clubs such as hockey, Little League baseball and basketball leagues

How many children are involved in soccer alone in Wisconsin?


Mariahazy [president of the Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association] declined to speculate on how a decision upholding the commission's decision would affect league sports but said it would be "onerous."

The Commission must be kidding.

Making all coaches, trainers, and refs for all these largely-volunteer groups into employees, and then deducting SS, Fed, State, and UC taxes from their $25.00/game (or less) paychecks is simply asinine.

Nice way to ruin a kid's day.

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