Tuesday, January 08, 2008

More Abortions in Wisconsin

This is not exactly a surprise.

The most crucial abortion battle in decades will occur in January or February as
pro-abortion state legislators attempt to repeal Wisconsin’s historic abortion
ban. Pro-abortion legislators have drafted legislation to repeal s. 940.04 of the
Wisconsin statutes. S. 940.04 prohibits abortions in Wisconsin except when the
mother’s life is in danger. This 150-year old protective law cannot be enforced
now because of Roe v. Wade.

For whatever reason, it's not easy to find the proposed legislation and its sponsors on the Wis Gummint site.

HT: Terry Berres

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Anonymous said...

The authors are Rep. Terese Berceau and Sen. Mark Miller, both avid supporters of abortion on demand.

The bill is currently being circulated among legislators for co-sponsorship. The deadline for that is the 12th. The bill will then be introduced and quickly brought to the senate floor for a vote.