Friday, January 11, 2008

McPain? Never!!

Sorry I don't have an audio link for this.

Last night's Levin show included an interview with ex-Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa) who made it clear that he absolutely DESPISES John McCain.

Most of his comments focused on 'in camera' moves that McCain made--all of which were made in attempts to derail/delay/ruin the Conservative position(s) held by Santorum and other actual Conservative (R) Senators--in areas including immigration, tax policy, spending, and gun-control.

It is very unusual for a former Senator to rip the hide off a Senator, particularly one from the same Party.

Word to the wise.

UPDATE: More of Santorum on McPain from the Hewitt show via Dreher:

"Well, I mean, because John McCain was the leader on the other side of the aisle. John McCain was the guy who was working with Ted Kennedy to drive it down our throats, and lectured us repeatedly about how xenophobic we were, lectured us, us being the Republican conference, about how wrong we were on this, how we were on the wrong side of history, and that you know, this is important for his…because having come from Arizona, knowing the strength of the Hispanic community, that we were going to be seen as racists, and he wasn’t going be part of that, that he was not a racist, and that if we were for tougher borders, it was a racist thing. Look, John McCain looks at things through the eyes, on these kind of domestic policy issues, looks at it through the eyes of the New York Times editorial board, and accepts that predisposition that if you are not, if you stand for conservative principles, there’s some genetic defect.

"...And then on the issue of, on social conservative issues, you point to me one time John McCain every took the floor of the United States Senate to talk about a social conservative issue. It never happened. I mean, this is a guy who says he believes in these things, but I can tell you, inside the room, when we were in these meetings, there was nobody who fought harder not to have these votes before the United States Senate on some of the most important social conservative issues, whether it’s marriage or abortion or the like. He always fought against us to even bring them up, because he was uncomfortable voting for them. So I mean, this is just not a guy I think in the end that washes with the mainstream of the Republican Party.

I'll be more direct: to Hell with McCain.

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