Thursday, January 10, 2008

Kanavas Showing Signs of Madistan-ism

Calling the response to the EDS/State Social Security mailing brouhaha "Dumb," Sen. Kanavas attempts "Dumber."

State Sen. Ted Kanavas, R-Brookfield, called the state's handling of the situation "dumb" and said he would propose a law change to set up emergency credit counseling and call centers for future security breaches

...Kanavas derided the long waits and busy signals that greeted callers to the hot line.

"That is not a very warm and fuzzy and caring department is it?" he said.

Kanavas said he was drafting a bill that would require emergency call centers able to do credit counseling to be established in the event of another security breach.

That's the Ticket!! Have LAWS requiring Emergency Call Centers!!! (Oh, yah--don't forget the requirement for phones, staffers, heat/light, computers, buildings--you know, the usual spending "requirements.")

Ted--get out of Madison and take a deep breath. Or take a deep breath and get out of Madison. You can go back when your head is clear.


The Asian Badger said...'s Ted Kanavas but your post is spot on.

Dad29 said...


I know another member of that family...hard to get out of the (aging and feeble) mind...