Friday, January 11, 2008

Fred: I Have Only Just BEGUN to Fight!

Yah, he looked good, and he's turned up the heat...

(I'll mention "mo" again.)

But others, who have a practiced eye, also noticed:

...I am not sure how conservative he is, but I think that Romney has backed himself into a corner. By concentrating all his effort on Michigan, he has raised the stakes dramatically. The problem that he faces is that Michigan allows non-Republicans to vote in their primary and that is compounded by the fact that there is no Democratic race...

...I think that this will be a tough race for Romney to win, and I think that he may drop out of the race if he loses in Michigan. Given that I don't think that even their current positions would classify McCain and Huckabee as conservatives on economic issues, that would leave Thompson and Giuliani

I'm not all that sure that Romney will drop out--he has far too much money and organization to walk away. On the other hand, were he to bail, it becomes "New York" vs. "Flyover Country."

Hell, THAT won't be hard to win...

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