Monday, July 02, 2007

UW's Dorm Request: $200 Million Wasted?

It's been mentioned that one of the Democrats' porky earmarks (only $205 million) will be used to build more dormitories for UW students.

But the Madison campus probably doesn't need any.

There are plenty of beds for freshmen (actually, several hundred more beds than freshmen) and plenty for upperclassmen.

But hey!! It's only taxpayer money...


Headless Blogger said...

Mr. Brown's rental agency may be the biggest in Madison. If anyone knows the market, he does. He is currently building a private high rise apartment building directly across from the SE dorms with no taxpayer subsidy.

Seems the pigs in the capital have to pay back their masters with another wasteful earmark. I need to sharpen my pitchfork.

Billiam said...

But....Dad, everyone knows that if it's for the education of "the childrens", it MUST be done. Why, NOTHING is more important, at least in this state, then.. education...You can't spend enough! *heavy sarcasm*