Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Propaganda War! Liars and Spendthrifts Unite!!

Beyond being disingenuous, the Dimowits now go to their strength: name-calling.

Kreuser said the Republican plan's cut to shared revenue are "fiscally irresponsible,"..."It's cutting many of our core values, education, our universities, human services, it takes a step backward on our environment and passes the buck onto local communities."

[Translated, that means Wisconsin residents will become cavemen, just like the Republicans.]

Rep. Spencer Black, D-Madison, said the GOP proposal would be "devestating" to the UW System, and reduce it to mediocrity.

[In a matter of only 4 years, too!!]

Rep. Pedro Colon, D-Milwaukee, [who woke up and showed up for this statement] said the proposal is equally devestating to the state's largest city. "I don't know what these guys have against Milwaukee, but it's pretty drastic," he said

[Milwaukee may have to pay for its own profligate spending! Ye Gods!!]

And the WORST insult:

"Obvioiusly the Boots and Sabres people have controlled their agenda

Meaning that Limbaugh is in ...retirement? Mouthbreathers-with-keyboards are loosed upon Wisconsin!

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