Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Motu Proprio's Indult Ancestor in Milwaukee

The Catholic Herald has a story about the existing Joannine Use Mass (Old Rite) in Milwaukee.

Nearly three months before Pope Benedict XVI issued his “motu proprio” on the use of the Roman liturgy prior to the reform of 1970, Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan touched upon the importance of unity when he welcomed the Tridentine community to its new home — St. Stanislaus Parish on Milwaukee’s south side.

“We’re all one — one in our faith in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ; one holy, catholic, apostolic, Catholic faith, and one in unity with our Holy Father,” he said April 15.

Mass in the Tridentine Rite had been said in Mater Christi Chapel at the Cousins Center from 1985-1995. For the last 12 years, the community worshipped at St. Mary Help of Christians, but the move to St. Stanislaus, with a capacity of 800, was necessitated by the closing of the West Allis parish in February of this year.

In an interview with your Catholic Herald in April, Fr. Robert Skeris, who serves as chaplain to the Tridentine community and says the Latin Mass at St. Stanislaus, noted that the historic church is a fitting location for the Mass.

“It was left as (Msgr. Raymond) Punda had it in 1968,” Fr. Skeris said. “What’s there is what it was.”

The church building has not gone through many of the extensive "renovations" which have afllicted a number of other churches in the Milwaukee area. The choir loft is extremely large and the church has a serviceable, if slightly old, pipe organ; a good deal of parking is available both on the street and in a lot behind the building.


Karen Marie said...

And, it's right on an exit of I-94, for those who believe they must travel past many other reverent and holy Masses to go there.

It does help that the last-decade pastor of the parish chased off the neighborhood parishioners, who now number only 80. The community for the extraordinary use will be able to save that historical parish for posterity, and since the normativa neighborhood Catholics have been shoo-ed away to St. Anthony's and St. Adalbert's before they came, there will be very little conflict and mutual angst.

Dad29 said...

First off, Karen, one does not attend the Joannine Use because one "travels past many other reverent and holy Masses" to get there. That little snark flies in the face of TWO Popes who seem to be concerned about the state of the Liturgy in parishes.

Of course, you know better than the Popes...

Secondly, you are NOT correct that there were no Hispanics attending Mass at St. Stan's. Not only was there a Spanish Mass, there was also some sort of Hispanic music bunch which, with amplifiers and mikes, took up quite a bit of space in the choir loft.

Karen Marie said...

In the late 90s, they were totally refusing to have Spanish confessions or any other ministry to "those people". That while St. Anthony's, two blocks away, was overflowing. Mananitas servive on Our Lady of Guadalupe's Day was "a neighborhood disruption", devotion to the Divine Child was "superstitious devotionalism", and don't even think of having a prayerful quince! [Gesu got some of the Anglo refugees who weren't Polish enough and too sympathetic to Spanish-speakers]

I guess they finally figured out which way the wind blew, but a little too late to keep a three digit parishioner count.

Dad29 said...

Too bad. St. A's had a large Hispanic group which (by and large) was/is a very fine bunch of folks--although a little "pruning" was done; some were quite dis-orderly, indeed.

Fittingly, the 'pruning' was done by the Hispanic ushers.

diana said...

RE: And, it's right on an exit of I-94, for those who believe they must travel past many other reverent and holy Masses to go there.

Such as?

Karen Marie said...


Reverent and holy Masses of the normative redaction in other parishes of the archdiocese, of course. Such as the Masses I have assisted at in this city for the past 33 years, and where I lived before for years before that.