Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Mayor Tom, You Should Quit, Too

NY Mayor Bloomberg formed a coalition of Mayors to "fight gun crime." Actually, their purpose is to disarm a lot of law-abiding Americans. Milk Carton Tommy joined up. He understands the agenda very well.

SOME Mayors have had second thoughts, based on Bloomberg's asinine antics.

According to ATF and the Department of Justice, your actions in having civilian private investigators conduct clandestine sting operations against federally licensed firearms dealers, without the knowledge of ATF or your own police department, actually interfered with ongoing criminal investigations, putting the lives of law enforcement officers and others at risk. The Department of Justice warned you to refrain from these actions because such efforts could "interrupt or jeopardize ongoing investigations." In response, your Deputy Mayor Ed Skyler stated that the operations would not necessarily stop. I do not want the blood of a police officer on my hands so that you can advance your anti-gun litigation campaign. I prefer instead to support the Fraternal Order of Police, a group that opposes your coalition's efforts to gain access to gun trace data for use in civil lawsuits."

--Mayor Harry Moore, of Oldmans Twnsp, NJ

It is possible that Milwaukee County DA Chisholm actually knows the law regarding "gun trace data." It's also possible that he knows Bloomberg's real agenda. Since that agenda is not good for living people--like the cops, for example--responsible Mayors have quit in disgust.

We know where Milk Carton Tommy stands.

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