Saturday, July 14, 2007

"Learn to Live With Them"--PishPosh, Lady!

Don't like coyotes eating your cats and smaller dogs?

Jeannie Lords, who runs the Pine View Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, says humans will have to learn to live with the pests. "We have to find means of peaceful co-existence," she told a crowd gathered at [Franklin] City Hall to discuss the topic.

None of that "trapping and euthanizing" stuff, either:

So far four coyotes have been trapped and euthanized. That plan is being called into question by wildlife experts and residents who say it's ineffective and inhumane

In the alternative, the coyotes could "learn to live with" .270Win rounds approaching at 2800 feet per second. Humane, and very effective.

Cheaper than trapping/euthanizing, too, assuming a halfway decent shot placement.

HT: Kevin Fischer


Fr. Erik Richtsteig said...

I am pretty tolerant of wildlife and do my bit to preserve it. However, if any critter comes after my dogs, it is getting a .45 in the brain pan. (But I am a barbarian from flyover country.)

jp said...

Dear Dad;
What did you tell me about assuming.

Karen Marie said...

We've already made the mistake once of setting out to eliminate all the preditor species, and the consequences were so bad that we've worked very hard to get a tiny part of them back. Do we really want to make that same mistake again, given that a definition of idiocy is repeating a failed action and expecting different results?

jp said...

Hold on Tex.
Coyotes also eat fawns. You know, the animals who eat your lovely gardens.