Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Kim Jong-Il's Wisconsin Cousins

The North Korean dictator seems to have relatives in Wisconsin.

The state ended its fiscal year Saturday without a payment from the Ho-Chunk Nation for its casino operations - pushing that tribe's unpaid invoice to more than $70 million, the state says.

The devil is in the details.

...Ho-Chunk spokeswoman Katie Funmaker said the tribe did not have to pay the amounts called for in the agreement because the tribe did not get what it negotiated for - a perpetual casino compact - once the state Supreme Court ruled that Doyle didn't have the authority to sign such a deal.

Proving that Our Governor's megalomania has consequences. The State's also dropped $800+K into some lawyer's bank account/college fund because DarthDoyle forgot what size his britches really are.

Since 2004, the state and the Ho-Chunk have been trying to hash out a new compact, with the tribe arguing that it should pay less than the original deal called for because the tribe is getting less than what it bargained for.

Seems to me that they're getting revenues; here's the deal as DarthDoyle (illegally) negotiated it:

Under the deal that was thrown out, the Ho-Chunk were to pay $30 million annually for the first two years of the agreement and 6% to 8% of gross revenue thereafter.

The "6-8%" clause is not dependent on competition from other tribes; it's strictly on revenues.

Maybe the Ho-Chunk should threaten to build long-range missiles, like Kim, and get the Feds to send a couple hundred million bucks if they don't.

Then, of course, they could simply start the cycle all over again--just like Kim.

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Billiam said...

If they don't pay, shut them down. End of story. Of course, Doyle hath not the gonads for such an action. He bows at the Ho-Chunk altar.