Thursday, July 05, 2007

Cleric: USA is Next on MDs' Hit List

No real surprise here. In England's State-Run-Medicine establishment, multi-cultural stuff is very important. Recruiting inexpensive interns from overseas, naturally, helps to meet the financial guidelines for State-Run-Medicine.

Good thing that the usual med school curriculum doesn't cover fuel-air bombs too thoroughly.

A British cleric in Baghdad last night claimed that an al-Qa'eda leader warned him that "the people who cure you would kill you" months before the terrorist bomb plots in Glasgow and London.

Canon Andrew White, who runs the Iraqi capital's only Anglican parish, claimed that he met an unnamed al-Qa'eda leader on the sidelines of a religious reconciliation meeting in Amman, Jordan.

"He told me that the plans were already made and they would soon be destroying the British," Canon White said. "He said the people who cure you would kill you."

In an email sent to friends and supporters of the Episcopalian mission, Canon White elaborated:

I referred to him as the Devil and I even refused to continue the meeting and told the Sheikh who had brought him to me never to let me meet him again.

He told me that they were going to start killing in the UK then the USA. One sentence I remembered but did not understand was "those who cure you will kill you".

Iowahawk has another take on this (language warning, folks).

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steveegg said...

I guess it really is true that socialized medicine kills.

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Dad29 said...

From your lips....