Friday, July 13, 2007

Archdiocese Liable for Fraud? And More News, Maybe

The story, of course, is that while the Archdiocese of Milwaukee is not liable for the execrable "supervision" it performed on its homosexual-pervert-child-rapist priests, it may well be liable for fraud--because the Archdiocese (really, a few higher-ups) mis-represented the priests' backgrounds to parishes here and elsewhere.

Naturally, if (a VERY big if) the plaintiffs are able to demonstrate fraud and pursue damages, no insurance company will ante up Big Bucks. Only the Archdiocese will be liable.

The "will-not-BE-a-story" is whether the 'higher-ups' involved in this deception can be prosecuted individually for criminal fraud.

They can't. The Statute of Limitations prohibits it.

By the way--look for ANOTHER decision from the Supremes today which may set the Archdiocese back about $20 million. The case results from an auto accident in which an Archdiocesan volunteer was at fault and the victim sued the Archdiocese under its auto policy

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