Sunday, November 05, 2006

U of Cal's Los Alamos: Druggies, Leakers

This is just a followup on a story that broke a few weeks ago...

The recent security breach at Los Alamos National Laboratory was very serious, with sensitive materials being taken out of the facility — possibly including information on how to deactivate locks on nuclear weapons, officials tell CBS News. Officials say there is no evidence the information taken from Los Alamos was sold or transferred to anybody else....

As CBS News correspondent Sharyl Attkisson was the first to report, secret documents apparently taken from the lab were found during a drug raid at a Los Alamos-area home last month. The FBI was called in to investigate.

The woman believed to have taken the information — Jessica Quintana, 22, who owned the trailer — worked in three classified vault rooms across Los Alamos:

Safeguards and Security (relating to strategic nuclear material control and accountability)

X-Division (top secret)

Physics P-Division.

She also had top secret "Q-clearance" with access to all the U.S. underground nuclear test data.

Quintana has not been arrested or charged. Her attorney says she took the material home to work and then forgot about it.

Hey, man, like, wow! I shoulda reMEMbered that stuff? Wow!

U of California: One Toke Over the Line...

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