Saturday, November 04, 2006

So Is Kenitz Funny?

Ol' Folkie is in high dudgeon about a JS guest-column. He takes the occasion of his Dudgeon-Ness to slap up his favorite targets--P-Mac and Jessica, and "re-phrases the question" to avoid the obvious.


Here's the first bullet-item in the Kenitz column:

If you believe that it's everyone's responsibility to vote, you're stupid. Don't vote

"Right" to vote is not the same as "responsibility" to vote. So what's the argument, Jay?

Moving on:

If you're disillusioned with the entire democratic process because you don't like President Bush, voted against him twice yet he still got elected, you're stupid. Don't vote.

Personally, I might have used "pissed-off" in place of "disillusioned." But that's only because Democrat Party/Wisconsin's vote-fraud activities make me "pissed-off."

If you want to re-elect Gov. Jim Doyle because you saw a TV ad that says Rep. Mark Green gives kickbacks to Big Oil, you're stupid. Don't vote.

If you want to vote for Green because you saw a TV ad that says Doyle gives kickbacks to everyone else, well, I think you're right but that doesn't necessarily make you smart. Don't vote.

The pattern emerges--except for obtuse readers. (Those who would "re-phrase" the argument.)

If you think Milwaukee Republicans got carried away about Democratic voter fraud in recent years while supporting voter ID requirements that make sure votes are being cast by actual people, join the Democratic Party, change your name to John Doe and vote 1,700 times.

Lemmesee, heah, Gomer--that's 1,700 packs of cigarettes, or about $6K tax-free. Hell, YES, do the deal!

If you think "Barack Obama bin Laden" is the country's greatest threat since "Albert Hitler," congratulations on graduating from the U.S. public education system. But don't vote.

The Senior Senator from Massachusetts (AKA "the Swimmer") is on tape with that particular mangling of Obama's name. But in taking a swipe at the 'public education system,' Kenitz pegged Folkie's "Dudgeon-o-Meter."

If you view freedom not as something that you automatically should be entitled to just by existing but should be regularly and proactively exercised, you're smart. Vote.

If you feel that your financial well-being is the responsibility of the government, the upper class, the middle class, your kids or anyone who's not you, you're stupid. Don't vote.

I'm trying hard to find something exceptionable about the above comments...

If you get emotionally upset because a columnist called you stupid, don't vote. You're easily excitable and shouldn't have any say over who gets access to The Button.

Maybe THAT'S what started Folkie's engines?

Not really. As it turns out, Folkie was insulted because Kenitz 'called Democrat voters stupid.'

...the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel decides that the best use of its op-ed space is allowing a peurile conservative columnist to call voters--liberal voters, mostly--stupid, repeatedly.

Well, my reading of the column is different than Jay's. It appears to me that Kenitz simply doesn't want 'stupid people' to vote--whether they are Dimowit OR Pubbie.

Folkie, however, encourages the 'stupid vote.'

Somehow, that's not a surprise.

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