Friday, November 10, 2006

Homosex "Marriage" Voting

From Fair Wisconsin's own site, the list of counties and the percentage voting "No."

Astute observers who know where UW-System schools are located will notice the pattern:

Dane - 67%
La Crosse - 50%
Iowa - 49%
Portage - 48%
Eau Claire - 48%
Menominee - 47%
Green - 46%
Milwaukee - 45%
Rock - 44%
Sauk - 43%
Winnebago -42%
Bayfield - 42%
Dunn - 41%
Oneida - 41%
Kenosha - 41%
Door - 41%

Umnnnhh...Door County doesn't have a UW campus--but---


Anonymous said...

You think that UW professors are putting pro-gay thoughts in those mushy young brains? You have no clue. This is a generational issue which has no relationship whatsoever to where one attends college, or if one attends college.

The Constitutional ban goes on the books, but it will be repealed within a quarter century, as the old people die and the young age.

Dad29 said...

Right. It's generational. Just like the Law of Gravity.

Anonymous said...

Well, you did identify one more issue where, historically, the Catholic Chuch was on the wrong side. Thank for helping make my point!

Dad29 said...

Since your comment makes no sense whatsoever, perhaps you should check your meds-schedule.

You might have missed a few days' worth.

Fidei Defensor said...

Dad29, don't blame me, I voted for marriage! Haha.

The professors I had didn't have a word to say on the election, or this referendum, but part of that can be credited to the fact that I avoid professors who would ike the plague.

This issue was able to engergize the "Fair Wisconsin" people. They were only a small number of firebrands, but they were very loud and proud. Campuses seemed to be covered in "Chalkings" saying things like "JESUS LOVES GAYS, HITLER DID NOT," and other junk.

Opposition to gay marriage was very quiet and while I knew dozens of people who voted yes, us yes voters did not talk about. The Left did do a good job of making that the sort of possition you don't vocalize in polite society.

I know a lot of "yes" voting students thought that the ammendment would fail, simply because all we heard was "vote no" so often that it felt like we were a minority (college being its own little world.)

As for the generational gap thing. Most students who voted "no" aside from the hardcore gay-rights actvists did this out of either a mislead sense of compassion or libertraiansim. I.E. "well one of my friends is gay so i have to vote no." Or "I don't see how gay marriage will affect my life, the goverment shouldn't be banning stuff."

Anyway if ananymous wants to talk about a generational gap, by all means. One wonders what the next generation will be like as conservative religious people continue to marry and have children, and secular types don't.

Anonymous said...

"Since your comment makes no sense whatsoever, perhaps you should check your meds-schedule."

Evidently you are unaware of the Pope's vendetta against Sir Isaac Newton. Perhaps this isn't something which was covered in your "Catholic" education. I can tell you that the Lutherans teach their young about it. Your soul might benefit from a little "reformation"