Friday, November 10, 2006

Grow Up, Kate

Kate, you're finished. Just can't admit it...

In an election where Democrats did very well in Wisconsin, Kate Falk, who dreamed of becoming Wisconsin's first Female Governor, has been shot down.




And Kate, following the example of her Shakespearean ('Midsummer's Night', anyone?)namesake, will NOT admit it.

"Given it's so extremely close, I just think the prudent course of action is to make sure the official canvass shows (the) same kind of numbers,"

OK, Kate.

Or should be just be blatantly sexist and make some remarks about "taking it like a man..."??


Amy said...

It doesn't surprise me Falk is freaked out.

Wisconsin spoke resoundly in its decisions on Tuesday.

And Van Hollen won.

M.Z. Forrest said...

This was a pleasant surprise, JB winning.