Friday, November 03, 2006

Fisking Fr. Rolheiser

Since Terry did all the work, read his blog-entry--but here's a taste:

Quoting Fr. Rolheiser:

Finally, we tend to leave no room for our priests to be weak. I am not speaking here of weak in the moral sense, but weak in the way Jesus was weak and in the way that any truly sensitive person is: vulnerable, not always together, emotionally over-wrought, chronically over-extended, and prone to cry very needy tears at times.

Terry's comment:

His ideal pastor is a natural for the title role in a parish production of Camille.

Nothing like a subtle appeal for more vocations from the light-loafered crowd.


Anonymous said...

Not sure what your comments mean but I thought the linked blog entry was good. Would be interested in your opinions on Ted Haggart and his direct line to the White House.

Anonymous said...

anon II here.

I'm feeling a bit of disconnect here; Archbishop Dolan's all over Relevant Radio in Milwaukee (they really need a new name...) effusive in his praise for his "dear friend" George Weigel and encouraging folks in the Milwaukee Archdiocese to come and hear the Archbishop's "dear friend" Weigel speak at an event on November 10th sponsored by Mercy Academy.

So... How come "dear friend" Weigel's column gets cut from "our" Catholic Herald, but the very sensitive Fr. Rolheiser gets to regale us with self-pity and how his role as mere cultic figure depresses and demeans him?


I guess Dolan must figure that Weigel's made of the kind of tough manly stuff (to say nothing of the virtue of humility) to handle being dumped from the diocesan paper without whining, while he keeps Rolheiser on the payroll for fear of damaging his delicate psyche or causing him to become "emotionally overwroght."

I'm not sure I'd want to be one of Dalan's "dear friends."

Dad29 said...

Frankly, Anony 1, I stay out of the affairs of other churches.

As to Apb Dolan's newspaper--we have not had a subscription since about 1980. Maybe even before that.