Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Dims: DC Gets a Vote?

Apparently, Ms. Pelosi is now tinkering with the Constitution:

One of the issues the Democrats have been pushing for years - a vote in the House of Representatives for the District of Columbia - looks like it will come to pass under their leadership in Congress.

The Norton-Davis bill links the D.C. vote to an additional congressional seat in Utah, raising the total number of House members from 435 to 437. Pelosi did not favor legislation that included redistricting in Utah, a move that some lawmakers feared would jeopardize that state's only Democrat representative. Pelosi later signed on to the bill after Utah made the congressional seat a statewide position.

One hopes that Our President will exercise his veto pen for the Very First Time.

HT: Betsy


Jeff Miller said...

2nd time, he vetoed the bill on embryonic stem cell research.

steveegg said...

If Bush had a third SCOTUS nominee, I would trust that they'd see that the plan fails on no less than two fronts:

- The District of Columbia is NOT a state; indeed, in order to give its residents a vote in the Electoral College, the 23rd Amendment had to be adopted. Hence, to give DC a voice in Congress, one would have to violate the Constitution.

- Altering the number of representatives per state between censuses is also unconstitutional.

Of course, we're talking about a President that signed the McShame-Slimeroad Lieberal Protection Act into law, and most of those that saw no problem with its explicit abridgement of the 1st Amendment are still on SCOTUS.